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C Programming Tutorials

The tutorials section of programming simplified. Here you will find tutorials on C graphics programming, game programming, mouse programming in C, project development. Video tutorials are also available which explain programming methodology in a user-friendly way.

C graphics programming tutorial aims at providing basic concepts of graphics and helps you quickly run your programs which starts with drawing basic shapes to building animations, projects, and games. Knowledge of graphics isn't needed as a prerequisite. After going through this tutorial, you are ready to run your own graphics programs. After reading the tutorial you can browse for graphics functions of "graphics.h" header file, every function is discussed with its complete description and a sample source code, you can also download the executable file.

Game programming tutorials help you understand the fundamentals which lie behind game development so that you can make your games and enjoy.

Project development tutorial provides you with tactics and information which should be considered so that you can handle and manage your project efficiently.