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C Game Programming Tutorial

C game programming tutorial is for all those who wish to make their games or are curious to know about what works behind when we play games. First of all we must know what qualities a game should have, your game should work fast and responds to user input very quickly and its look should be very good. As far as speed is concerned we know that C is very fast so you need not worry about speed you just have to ensure that you have applied the best method to solve a particular problem and look of the game is entirely in your hand. Now a question that may come in your mind is that what I need to know to make my first game. To make a game in C you need to know the following things:

1) C graphics programming
2) Mouse Programming (How to handle mouse events)
3) Keyboard input

Graphics programming is needed to build key game elements. For example, if in your game you want a car then you can use rectangle and circle to draw it. If you don't know C graphics programming then see C graphics programming tutorial.

If your game is such that it takes user input through a mouse then you should know how to handle mouse events. Some of the things which we frequently need to know in our game is the mouse current position, which mouse button is clicked etc.

Here you will find sample source code and programs, you can also download executable files so you can understand a program better. Similarly if your game gets input from keyboard you need to know which key is pressed and then you can take appropriate action according to the key pressed.

Sample source codes and executable files are also available. Know you know how to make a game. So what are you waiting for just implement your idea into a program.